Specialist Marine Asbestos Surveys

Asbestos has been used by the marine industry since World War II. After its potentially harmful effects were discovered, regulations were introduced to ensure that all vessels are regularly inspected in order that safety can be maintained.

Whether boats or larger vessels are being serviced, decommissioned or maintained, it is essential (and in some cases legally required) that a specialist marine asbestos survey is carried out to ensure that any asbestos within the vessel is being properly utilised and contained.


We are well established as marine asbestos survey specialists. We have extensive experience in the provision of expert, high quality and cost effective marine asbestos surveys. Whether the project is large or small, simple or complex, our expert team can guarantee to test and identify asbestos installations in any boat, ship or other marine vessel. We also survey fixed maritime installations, as well as offering an appropriate service for vessels that are being decommissioned.

Where servicing or refits are necessary, we can supply an ‘at sea’ service, enabling any potential problems or risks to be identified in advance of refit work being carried out. This can result in significant reductions in the length of time a vessel needs to be out of service or in dry dock, thus potentially eliminating unnecessary additional expenditure.

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Our highly experienced maritime surveying teams offer expertise that is second to none. Whilst we are highly competitive, we also believe that that our customer service is unmatched. Our support team is ready to advise and assist when requested, our marine surveyors are qualified and our service is highly cost effective.


Because we have developed specialist customer and operational protocols, we can ensure that any life-threatening, asbestos-based hazards can be identified and controlled, whilst simultaneously ensuring minimum disruption, inconvenience and unnecessary expenditure to clients.