Asbestos Removal Audits:

The asbestos removal industry is one of the few business sectors which requires a licence to trade and is issued by the Health and Safety Executive.

A key factor in the H.S.E granting an asbestos licence is to clearly demonstrate a robust auditing procedure with the information being used to promote higher standards of health and safety.

Failure to meet the required standards on site results in the client and removal contractor potentially facing prosecution from the health and safety executive and the Licence period of the contractor being reduced.

At Contrast we are able to offer full site audits which allow an accurate picture to be formed of the performance of any project and most importantly the safety of individuals and the general public around the removal site.

The audit can be tailored to ensure it meet the clients requirements, information obtained can be utilised as part of the companies training needs analysis to allow constant improvement. Our audit template allows us to review and score the complete spectrum of any project including:

  • Planning and Documentation issued by Contracts Management
  • Random checks on site personnel’s training certification.
  • Audit check of RPE & PPE utilised.
  • Inspection of site welfare and mobile hygiene unit (DCU)
  • Control measures applied for the removal of asbestos.
  • Inspection of Plant and equipment and checks of maintenance certification.
  • Review of transit route and procedures.
  • Review of Emergency procedures on site.
  • Inspection of company vehicles and potential waste transportation issues.

The completed audit will be provided in PDF format complete with supporting photographic evidence.

Client led asbestos removal audits.

Through client feedback it was recognised that asbestos removal contractors were employed based on an assessment of health and safety, procedures, past performance and price.

With the health and safety performance of asbestos removal contractors paramount for successful project completion now offer client led audits.

The contractor should be made aware that an unannounced audit of the site may occur during the project term. Contrast will attend site on a designated day and perform the full audit as usually requested by the removal contractor.

The results of the audit are emailed directly to the Contract administrator, the audit can then be held as part of the safety folder allowing the client to demonstrate a proactive approach to health and safety.

Feedback negative or positive can be quickly communicated to the contractor.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact us at any time on 0800 635 8265