Everyone wants to save money by doing things themselves and when it comes to decorating the walls or mowing the lawn then of course, you should go for it. But when it comes to more serious jobs like fitting a boiler or the removal of asbestos, it needs to be left to professionals, not only for your safety but for those around you too. If you ever wondered why it has to be a professorial to remove asbestos, read on to find out why.

Protective gear

These who remove asbestos don’t wear any old protective gear, they tend to use face masks that aren’t normally available to the general public.

Knowing the protocol

There are aspects of asbestos removal that only trained professionals understand and know how to do. This includes basic facts such as where and when to remove their protective clothing so that it doesn’t affect members of the public.

HSE Approval

Asbestos removal is one of the only business sectors that need a HSE license in order for companies to operate. This license proves they have a robust protocol for the removal of asbestos. You won’t get this assurance from any old handy man who says they can remove it for you.


Tips and waste facilities don’t take asbestos from general members of the public, instead it needs to be taken to a specialist waste unit. Professional asbestos removal companies will know exactly where to take it and will already have an account with them.

Asbestos survey

Before you call an asbestos removal company, book an asbestos survey. Sometimes undamaged asbestos is better left in place. Other times a survey may reveal that it is damaged and does need to be removed. If you’re planning any renovations to your home it is advisable to have an asbestos survey to see if you’ll need it removed first. Only after a robust audit from professional surveyors should you then get in contact with asbestos removal experts.

As you can see, it’s imperative that should your asbestos survey find you do need it removing, you appoint audited professionals to do so. Not doing so can endanger your own health and the health of your loved ones.

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