As a landlord, it is important that you carry out a fire risk assessment of your property. One of your landlord responsibilities include that of tenants living in a safe environment, with no risk of fire. Every property should have a fire risk assessment.

The law

It is a requirement of law that landlords conduct a fire risk assessment of all their properties. In doing so, risks can be assessed and action taken to prevent those risks from happening. It is vital that the property has a planned route of escape in case of a fire. When a fire risk assessment survey is conducted by a professional, then a means of escape will be noted if one is present. If a means of escape is not clearly evident, then this matter will need to be addressed.

On the spot checks

The fire service regularly visits properties to ensure that they meet fire safety standards, and to offer free ‘on the spot’ checks. If the property is a shared building, with communal areas in flats, they can ask to see the fire log book and fire risk assessment that has been carried out. If there is no fire risk assessment, or the assessment is somewhat lacking with deficiencies, then the landlord could face prosecution.

Safety comes fist

When you have a fire risk assessment carried out by a professional, then you will have peace of mind knowing that your tenants are safe. If a fire was to break out, they would have a clear and safe means of escape from your building. It is not worth taking the risk of not paying for an assessment when your tenants could be seriously injured or killed due to fire.

No fire risk assessment – no tradesmen

Having an up to date fire risk assessment can help with the smooth running of your property and the many jobs that need to be done. Without documentation, many tradesmen will refuse to carry out work, due to the unsafe environment.

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