If you work in an industry such as construction, it’s vital that you always remember the importance of carrying out an asbestos survey. These surveys help ensure that the duty holders’, clients’ and employers’ legal responsibilities are fulfilled with regards to managing asbestos risks.

With large amounts of materials which contained asbestos still in use up until 1999, if you’re planning on carrying out a renovation project on a building built before that year, it’s essential to get a survey carried out. Even in some newer builds, asbestos has been found. Whilst it’s unlikely that an undisturbed building will present a risk, if you work in construction, then it’s highly probable that you will disturb the fabric of buildings, even if you’re only carrying out a small repair or conducting maintenance. Even installation can expose you and the building’s residents to asbestos unknowingly, but having an asbestos survey carried out can help prevent that.

Asbestos surveys

An asbestos survey is undertaken so that those responsible for preparing a management plan, risk assessment and asbestos register have enough information at their disposal. The asbestos register then has to be made available to those who intend to carry out work on the property before any work begins. When it comes to asbestos surveys, they can usually be classified into two different types: a management survey and a refurbishment and demolition survey.

Management survey – Used to be call a type 1 or type 2 survey

Management surveys are required during normal occupation or use of a building in order to make sure that the known asbestos-containing materials are continually managed. The goals of a management survey are to ensure nobody within the building is harmed by the presence of asbestos materials and that nobody disturbs the asbestos materials accidentally. The survey will also locate any materials that contain asbestos which could be potentially damaged in the future by activities such as maintenance and the installation of new equipment such as pipes and cabling.

Refurbishment/demolition survey – Used to be called a type 3 asbestos survey

If a building containing asbestos is to be refurbished, upgraded or demolished, then a refurbishment/demolition survey is essential. The goals of this type of survey are to determine whether or not anybody will be harmed by the work being carried out on materials or equipment containing asbestos and to ensure the work is carried out by the right contractor in the correct manner. In order for the survey to be carried out properly, then it has to identify all the materials containing asbestos before any structural work gets underway. The area also has to be vacated whilst the survey is taking place; in order for workers to use the area again, it must be certified as being ‘fit for reoccupation’.

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