Homebuyers reports are the standard and most popular type of survey taken out by property purchasers. They will provide analysis of the home you will be looking to buy, finding faults throughout the property.

However, while these reports provide good detail for most properties, they may often miss some key health and safety issues that will affect your home. Because your surveyor will not look behind walls or under floorboards, your potential new home may have some secret safety issues.

This guide from Contrast Asbestos Surveys reveals the safety issues that a homebuyers report might not pick up on.


Asbestos has not been used in new build homes since 2000, but may still exist in homes built before its ban in the UK.

The insulation fibre can be particularly bad for your respiratory system if breathed in and can be highly toxic in the event of a fire. As a homebuyer surveyor will not check behind walls, they will most likely not reveal asbestos in your report.

If your potential home was built between 1930 and 1999, it is likely that asbestos may be present somewhere in your property. If you have concerns, contact an asbestos surveying company to take a look at the property and highlight any asbestos issues with your property.

Japanese knotweed

This invasive weed is a nightmare to get out. Surveyors will only check the exterior of the property on sight, and will not dig below the surface. Prior to your survey, a homeowner may get rid of any above-ground evidence of knotweed. However, the plants roots grow at a fast rate and can still exist underground.

It is not illegal for Japanese knotweed to grow in a garden, but a homeowner may be heavily fined and could even face jail time if the weed enters the threshold of a neighbouring garden.

Lead-based paint

Lead-based paint is another highly toxic substance that was used on older properties. Surveyors may offer advice on certain paints if the property is old enough, but this type of paint is not always easily recognisable at face value.

Contact Contrast Surveys for lead paint testing to ensure that your health won’t be at risk in your new home. We take a sample of paint from the property and test it for traces of lead. We also carry out asbestos checks and fire risk assessments, so contact us today for more information.

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